Business tax advisory

Quick and reliable tax assistance using immense tax experience and a business-minded, flexible approach are very valuable for a business that must face new challenges on a daily basis. B&T tax experts often approach matters from the perspective of the clients’ in-house counsel, as if they were one of them, since they are regularly involved in business processes and business decisions. Rather than simply providing standardised services, we work as part of the business and, therefore, we are better able to contribute to its success.

By analysing the business background and the client’s specific needs, B&T tax professional deliver tailor made-advice and assist in their execution. In addition, we map the available opportunities of a business that can be monetised in terms of taxation to raise the business to a higher level of profitability and competitiveness.

Our specialist team has long-standing experience working with big four tax advisors, international law firms and the tax authorities to understand the operation and processes of both multinational and smaller business. We also have a deep knowledge of the practices of the tax authorities which enables us to adjust our approach to the relevant legal environment.

Our strength is reliability, flexible thinking and inventiveness and we can provide integrated multi-jurisdictional solutions due to our established international network.