Tax compliance

In light of the continued increase of reporting requirements, our tax professionals deliver high quality advice in relation to technical tax issues. In our experience, sound compliance practice can achieve multiple goals:

  • avoiding errors in tax returns, preventing the application of erroneous tax treatment;
  • revealing tax saving possibilities;
  • saving time and human resources.

We are committed to assisting our clients in general compliance matters, where key areas of our services include the following:

  • assistance to local tax teams in the duly preparation and submission of tax returns and providing support with respect to various reporting obligations;
  • conducting internal due diligence exercises in order to identify potential tax risks and erroneous compliance practises.


Our specialized services concerning the main taxes are as follows:

Value added tax (VAT)


  • assistance in the process of obtaining a Hungarian VAT number for foreign enterprises
  • day-to-day assistance in the preparation and submission of VAT returns
  • advising domestic businesses to set up their compliance practises
  • operational assistance during tax authority audits

Corporate income tax (CIT)

  • review of general ledgers, analysis of the accounting treatment of significant transactions
  • review of CIT base adjusting items
  • numerical reconciliation of the CIT calculation

Personal income tax (PIT)

  • preparation of quarterly tax advance and annual tax calculations and tax returns of foreign individuals during Hungarian assignments
  • assisting individuals with high level and complex income in the preparation of their PIT returns